1. Check the work history- Before contracting a web designer and a webmaster ask them to tell their work history. Ask them about their past and recent works and request them to show some examples. You will get a visual proof when you see the work example. It will help you to decide whether they are qualified for the job or not. If you don’t ask this question it will be a big mistake of yours.
  2. Take a list of present and past clients- It is another important question to judge the candidates. Ask the candidates to provide a list of their present and past client contact number or only names. You can phone the contacts to make sure the people you hire are really eligible for the work. You can also get more important information from that. If you don’t ask this question it will be a mistake.
  3. Favorite website- Ask a web designer and a webmaster, what is their favorite website? It will reveal about the design, user interaction and branding sense of the web designer and webmaster. It will be a mistake if you don’t ask it.
  4. What kind of technologies they used to make your website- It is an important technical question must ask to the candidates when hiring them. It is necessary to know what kind of technologies they have previously used and the technologies they will use to rank your website. What kind of design technology the web designer chose to attract more customer? What type of content strategy will be taken by the webmaster? Discuss about the initiative, they will take to make your website better. If you miss this question it will be a big mistake.
  5. What are the special features that draw lots of customers- Ask this question to the webmaster and the web designer. What are the special features they will add to your website that draw attention of the customers. What will be the specialty of your website that make different from others? The features they want to integrate into your website, that will be customer friendly or not. It will be a big mistake if you forget to ask them.