It is very effective and important to present your business on the web world. You need a good website for web presence. Your website act as digital extension of your business. You can promote, inform and attract your customer through the website. It is important for a business web presence  where and how the website show in search engines? Your website rank for particular keywords has a tremendous impact on your customer you can get. To assure that your website is found on the search engine faster read these tips carefully.

  1. Chose the right keywords- Google and other search engines put emphasis on selecting the right keywords. It is one of the major factors to rank your website in search engines. The search engines analyze your site by keywords. When search engines spider crawls your website, it checks your keywords in the website title, article and decide how to rank your site.


  1. It is important to choose the right keywords that gets a high amount of search results. But keep in mind that, selecting a highly searched key term is not always good for websites, because the competition for these keywords is high.



  1. Use Google Adwords to analyze and selecting the right keywords for your business.


  1. Submit the website to index- Everyday search engines index millions of pages. Whenever you made a website, submit the website to search engines. Search engines then crawl the information on the website and index it. When you add or change something to the website, resubmit your website to the search engine. You can also submit your page in Bing or Yahoo, beside Google.



  1. Meta tags- Meta tags are important to rank your website in search engines. Meta description and meta titles are the invisible text. The website visitors can’t see this text, but it is the necessary information for search engines to rank your page.


  1. Always keep in mind that, when you add meta tags or optimize it, it will must show in search engine results. The meta tags should viewed by the customer to decide whether they enter your website or not.



  1. Local directories- Add your website to local directories to found faster in search engines. Today, the internet help us to attach with the global businesses. The people still search on the internet for product and service, which is near to home. Approximately one third of the people search in search engines about specific things. To assure your website can be found in local search, you must add your website to top local directories. If you have a location based business, it is mandatory for you to add your website on local directories.


  1. Linked to the social media- Social media can help you get a recognition your new website. Just linked the website to your existing social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc. After linking post a status to these social networks from the website. Thus, your website will be found faster on the search engine.