Many people think that making money from blogs is impossible. How one can make money sitting day and night in front of a computer? If anybody decided that he will leave his job and start a blog to earn his living. People might think, he is going to be mad!!! But the truth is that one can lead a good life by blogging.

You can earn a handsome money from blogging. But it is not easy and simple. At first, you have to learn how to make blogs and the strategy to make money.

Now, I will tell you how you can make money from the blog.

  • Decide the blog topic- It is important to select the subject, what’s your blog is all about. Select the topic that you are passionate about or have a good experience about it. Some blogs post funny images or jokes. Some blogs is related about social news. Some blogs provide news links, articles or sports news. Most of the blogs are made for sports, business news, music and celebrity news. Just chose what you like and share with your fans.
  • Make content- After choosing the topic or niche for your blog. It is time to make some content. Before making an article or content, test your knowledge about the topics. Research through the website to find similar articles and read what others say about your topic. Compare your knowledge about the topic. Social media is a nice platform to discuss about the topic with others. You will find important ideas and information from the social media discussion. Gather the research information and make a rich, informative content. Content is very important for blogging.
  • Ad service- You can make easy money by placing ads on your blog. You can select Word Ads, Google Adsense or other Ad services to make money. You can see these Ads service provide relevant ads to your content. The Ads are automatically fitted to your blogs in size, amount and placement you want. The more people clicks the Ads on your blogs, you will get more money.
  • Affiliate marketing- You can earn more money by affiliate marketing. Find a suitable affiliate program that matches with your blog. In affiliate marketing you have to provide company’s product link on the blogs. The more readers purchase products following your links, the more money the company’s give you. Let your readers know you are an affiliate. It is not a big issue to reveal that. Always write your own reviews about the affiliate product. Be honest when writes a content. If you think that the product is not good, don’t mention in the blog. It is a great way to submit a link in the product images and set the image in the middle of the blog.
  • Make an online store- If possible, try to build an online store. If you are a craft blogger, create an online store to sell your craft. It is a good way to earn money by blogging.