Today, most of the people of the world visit social media platform to share thoughts and feelings. But it is not a platform for social sharing anymore. Businessman uses social platforms to raise their business and making more money. Social media can help you to reach your product and services to the new customer. Some people still don’t believe social media can help to grow their business. How social media can bring revenue to your business? Yes. Social media can help you earn a lot of money.


Now, I will discuss about how you can bring revenue to your business using social media.


  • Offer customer service through social media- Social media platform is a great way to provide customer service. You can help your customers easily through a social media platform. Successful online business such as, Comcast provide their customer service on Twitter. The customer wants more flexible customer service. If they happy with the service, they eager to invest more to the company. Thus, your revenue increase.


  • Increase your brand value- Try to increase your brand value among customer through social media. The companies like Radian6 is an example of it. Try to engage your existing customer by improving your brand value. It cost more to keep an existing customer than a new customer. So numerous strategy should be taken to keep up the brand value.


  • Gives discount to get more revenue- The most effective way to earn more revenue is giving discount on your product or services. If you have a product based business, you can give 30% or 50% discount in social media. If your discount news goes viral you will earn huge amount of money. If you have a service based business, you can provide free trail for 30 days. This initiative encourages social media followers to buy your product and services.


  • Give reasons the customer to purchase more- If you wanted to business through social media and eager to earn revenue, you have to be more tactical. You have to give some reasons why the customer will purchase more? If you are selling product, start a coupon campaign. You can give them a $30 coupon purchasing every $100 product. It will increase your sell and bring more revenue.


  • If you have a service based company, you can give them a bundle offer. Promote package deals for your services as well. It will drive customers to your page in social media.


  • Inform your customer about other products- Social media platform is really good medium to inform about your other brands. It is very simple to do this. Just feature your other brands in your pages for a week and inform your customer what is all about this product. It will give you a chance to present the premium services and special offers to the customers.


  • Keep it up good works- It is a hard task to engage a customer in social media, while you are promoting your brand in another social channel. It is necessary to balance your time and give value to your customers. Keep up the good works to bring revenue.