Client:  Inside SAP
Location:   Australia
Year Completed:   2015
Programmer: Rob
Technology:   WordPress, iMember 360, Infusionsoft, and are all for the same client that is based out of Australia.  Migrated website ( running an old version of wordpress to a new wordpress installation, integrated iMember360 and Infusionsoft.  Migrated ( website from an Adobe product called Business Catalyst (a crm/cms)  which had a blog and web pages and many modules of content.  Grabbed all data via various methods and setup a new WordPress website as well as intergrated iMember360 and Infusionsoft.  Worked on migrating two separate sets of data from 2 different CRM/CMS products into a single Infusionsoft using two separate websites and iMember360.  This migration included over 11,000 from one site and about 7,000 members from another.