If you are new in online business and wants to raise your business growth, you need a good website. A good website contains great designs that attract customers more. You must hire a good web designer to make a good website. Now, let’s come to our topic. When a designer asked you what kind of websites you want? Do you need a responsive website or mobile friendly or only for desktop users? Do you have any answer to that question? Certainly, not.


Today, I will tell you what is responsive website and why do you need one?


What is responsive website?

A responsive website is the type of website that changes or reorganize itself on any device. It means if anyone wishes to see your website in 6″ iPhone display, the website will change itself to fit on 6″ display. If anyone wishes to see the same website on 25″ iMac, the website will transform to that 25″ iMac display. In a shortcut, the websites that adapts and responds quickly to a user’s device screen, is called a responsive website.


Before responsive website, a web designer has to make two sites for their clients. One is for desktop PC and other is for mobile users. The designer made mobile websites for mobile users to get information and news about respective websites. It was really difficult to maintain two websites at one time. If you add, copy or change a page for a desktop, you also have to add, copy or change for your mobile websites. This is also annoying for search engines. A responsive websites really make it easy for both web designer and website owner. It saves your money and time.


Why do you need a responsive website?


  • Improve user experience:

A responsive website improves the user experience. All that designs, contents are made for only one thing, to deliver a better experience to the customers. A responsive web design provides an authentic user experience in any device of users. Today, responsive website layout is the number one standard to built websites. Google has also recommended to web designers to build responsive websites to improve user experience.


  • Grab the mobile audience:

Today, most people search information from their smart phone rather than a PC or tablets. And the search rate is increasing day by day. So, there is no alternative of a responsive website. If you have a business and want to grab traffic from both mobile and PC, you must build a responsive website now.


  • Increase your business:

Just research in your website analytics. How much traffic you get from mobile and PC? Approximately 2 billion smart phones are used in the world now. Use a responsive website to increase your business.


  • Time and money:

See, time and money is important for everyone. I think, you don’t enough time and money to build two websites. A responsive website is not costly. It needs the same price needed to make a conventional website. So why you waste your time and money to build two websites?