A website is a digital catalog or brochure of your company. Every day people build website to expand their business. It is necessary to have a web presence if you want to earn money. It is important to build a website properly. A good website can bring you lots of customers. That’s why you need a professional web designer to build a website. You can also build your own website too. Whenever, you build a website for your company some awkward things you should not do or try.

The  things you should not do when build a website are given below:

  • Don’t use scrolling or blinking text, animation and sound- Give your readers a good experience on the site. Sound and animation are really annoying. It disturbs your readers to read your post. However, an animation ads needed time to load on the website. The people who use slow internet may get out when he/she experience a slow loading. Don’t think that everyone uses fast internet.


  • Don’t use blinking ads. It may cause a negative effect on the CTR of your website. Don’t increase the scrolling speed. Some visitors have no time to read the full post. They get out when they got their information. Fast scrolling compelled them to wait for the slow appearance of text. Thus, he will get out from the website rather than wait.


  • Don’t use pop up windows- People don’t love pop up. Always give priority to the visitor’s interest. When you set a pop up people think that you are just caring about your profit. Thus, they leave your site and never come back. Once you are a visitor, you also told people how annoying these pop ups, but when you turned a website owner you set pop ups to make business. You can do better business without pop ups.


  • Don’t use image backgrounds behind the text- Image background makes slow your website loading time. It is a really bad idea to use an image background behind the text. It is a work of the amature web designer. Do you see an image background on the Google or Yahoo site? No. You will see an image background behind the text in the low quality website, such as Mysapce. So don’t use image backgrounds behind the text on your website.


  • Don’t use big images- People really get bored and lose interest to your site, when they experience a slow loading of the site in their browser. Big graphics files take more time to load. Thus, your website takes time to load in the browser. Shrink your large graphics file into small to reduce loading time. Use graphic software like GifBot to shrink your images. You will find numerous graphic software on the internet.


  • Don’t apply frames to the site- You can feel that, using a frame is really helpful to navigate your website but frames has some problems. The address bar never changes, when you visit from one page to another. Thus, your visitor can’t bookmark your page or share the page link.