Do you want to learn SEO basics in an easy and simple way? Have already spend a lot of money to learn SEO and figure out nothing? Do you want a teacher who will make you understand what is SEO…?

Don’t worry. This article will help you to get all the answer of your question

There are lots of ways to learn SEO. You will find tutorials on YouTube, enroll in online courses or attend an SEO class in nearby IT center to learn SEO.

But, in most cases, you will find out little things to understand and spend a lot of money for that. It happens because they have little knowledge, experience, or simply make you understand in a hard way.

What is SEO?

Usually, I ask this question to a lot of people. And they give me the same answer “ search engine optimization”. I also know it. But is it the actual answer you want?

Search engine optimization is the abbreviation of SEO, but it is not the answer to our question.

From my point of observation, the strategy, tricks and the technology used to rank your website on Google SERP (search engine result pages) is called SEO.

Although, if you have a website and puts a lot of content in it, now what will you do?

The simple answer is you have to do SEO. Either you can do it on your own or hire a professional SEO service.

If you hire a professional, it will save your time but a lot of money will be spent. If you want to do SEO on your own, it saves your money but consume a lot of time of your.

The basics of SEO

Okay, now you know what means SEO. What will you do with that….?

There are many people who tell me that, they have a blog/site and there’s a lot of content in there, but they don’t know what they have to do, besides, they know what is SEO.

The problem is that, they don’t understand the basic steps of SEO. Here are the basics:

  • At first, make your own blog or site.
  • Choose your niche. Such as software, computer or any topic you like.
  • Research your keywords.
  • Make a content strategy.

The four points are very crucial and you need to know it before jumping to the SEO.

Importance of SEO:

SEO is very important for any kind of business. Today, most of the business is the internet oriented. Whether the business is small or big, everybody has a website. But having a good website doesn’t mean you will get lots of customers. You have to rank your website in search engine. In this case, you need to learn SEO. Using SEO techniques you can draw your business to the customers.

Generally, customers enter the page of search engine. Hire a professional SEO service or apply yourself to rank your company page no 1 in search engine. When you rank the website, you will get customers. And the customers mean revenue.